Services currently offered

As a professional Medium and Healer I love to share my ability with people. I aim to bring messages of comfort, peace and healing to those that I read. Here are the services I offer right now.

Currently my spirit readings are via a video call such as Zoom, FaceTime etc.  

Healing is done from my home

More services are to follow but follow my Facebook page for updates 

**During the Covid-19 epidemic face to face readings and healing sessions are suspended**

Spirit Readings

As a Medium I am able to connect with your loved ones who have passed over to the world of Spirit. The aim of these sessions is to provide evidence from your loved ones in spirit showing there really is life after death and those who have passed never leave you. Most readings are done via phone or video call due to reading for people all over the globe but if you are local to me a face to face reading at my home is possible. Message me for more details.


Healing Therapy

Enjoy some 'you time' with my unique blend of spiritual and chakra & aura healing in my home. This is hands on healing where I will tune in to the divine energy source and be the channel for the healing energy to flow through me to the recipient in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. This healing is also aimed to clear any blockages in your chakras and to bring and overall feeling of wellbeing. This is by no means a cure for your ailments but may alleviate any discomfort or stresses you may be feeling.  


Absent Healing

As a healer, I also offer absent healing free of charge. So if you feel that yourself, a pet, another person or a situation could benefit from some healing thoughts please just contact me via the contact page with the names or situation and I will add these to my healing book an I will send some absent healing.