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Private Sittings

These are 1-to-1 mediumship readings where I will attempt to connect to and communicate with your loved ones in Spirit, providing you with straight forward and evidential information followed by messages, given in a down to earth way. My aim is to always bring peace, healing and upliftment with a touch of humour and positivity. These readings are done via video call only e.g. zoom, facetime etc, with a zoom link being sent by email after the booking has been confirmed. 

Group Sittings

The same as a private 1-2-1 sitting but in a group format acting like a mini demonstration. Group readings are for up to a maximum of 5 people where all 5 people are related and ultimately wanting to hear from the same spirit people.

Groups of friends do not work as some people's spirit family may not come through leaving people left out.

Guidance Readings

This is a guidance reading where I will use my psychic connection with a mix of tarot/oracle cards to bring forth some guidance on areas of your life you wish to focus on. I do not fortune tell, give predictions or tell you what to do. These readings are about giving you insight in order to empower you to make certain decisions in order to help you move forward. These are voice recorded and sent to you by email on the day you booked for.

Reading Disclaimer (mediumship)

Please note that I cannot guarantee that a loved one whom you wish to hear from will make contact during the reading. The Spirit world are very much in charge and whoever wishes to communicate will do so, so it's important to give those Spirits a voice, and I will be that voice for them. So please come to a reading with an open mind and open heart. You may supply me with a photo of a loved one you wish to hear from for your reading, so that I can attempt to tune into their energy and that can sometimes bring them through, but again, I never guarantee that. 

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