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What They’re Saying

I love being able to do what I do so when my clients leave validations or reviews of our readings it let's me know that I am helping people and they also keep me going. Here are some of my favourites below

Had a reading from David tonight and WOW WOW WOW!!!! 
He was absolutely fantastic with so much evidence when he bought my mum and brother through. 
Would highly recommend this lovely guy. Thank you David sooooo much xxx

Jan Hepden

Wow! Thank you David for a truly fantastic reading! I was lucky enough to get a message from my loved one tonight and my god... David was spot on! David managed to correctly get two of my family members names he just said them clear as day there was no guess work and everything he described connected and the information given made complete sense. Keep doing your thing David you got it!

Molly Miller

Recently David had my Son come through who has only recently passed. He gave me so much comfort, and made me laugh like I haven’t for a while. My sons cheeky personality really showed true. I truly believe David has a beautiful connection and is so compassionate and comforting to everyone.. keep going David you are amazing.

Sarah Bonner

Beautiful messages from my dad. David always gives great reading. The details he gets is crazy. Thank you so much David xxx

Lisa Salmon

I’ve never experienced anything quite like this extraordinary, kind, caring natured human as David. I messaged him regarding a photo he had put up and not expecting anything in return, had got back to me almost straight away, and honestly, the most bizarre hour of my life. He told me things only I knew. I’ve never mentioned it on Facebook and the stories and memories he knew actually at times as it was happening in our home and events happened today was just breathtaking. Absolutely amazing. You are one very blessed lovely young man David. You’ve been chosen for a reason. Thank you. Xx

Teresa Turner

David done a reading off the cuff on Sat night and I was the lucky one tuned in who received a spiritual connection. I can not believe the information David gave and to this day I’m still finding validation to the information given confirming absolutely there was a connection made information I didn’t even remember at the time. Thank you David it come at a time I needed it and we have a wonderful family event this week so means so much more at this time. Keep sharing your gift it’s such a blessing xxxx

Taryn Sales

Thank you David for another brilliant reading again. I have been waiting for mum to come through and she did. There was something that was said and only a few of my nearest and dearest and of course mum would know but David mentioned them. It's nice to know that mum is around and that she is still talking to anyone and everyone and hasn't changed a bit. Thank you David xx!

Lynne Woolley

Thankyou David for a brilliant reading, i would describe myself as mildy sceptical having never had a reading where i didn't have to try to find a connection to things said, however the first piece of info David gave left me without any doubt at all - there was no way he could have guessed it. The most random things were said that were also correct, again things that you could not just take a stab in the dark at. Dates, very accurate to the content of the reading also. I didn't have to think about anything or ask anybody else. Some things really made me laugh. David told me that he could hear hickory dickory dock and and although it had no connection to the nursery rhyme i knew exactly what it did mean and its something i had long forgotten. Theres certain things in life you think " i wish he had been here to see or know" and im chuffed to bits he has seen and does know, I've taken alot of comfort and reassure from it. Thankyou so much David x

Aimee Goodings

David made me cry those happy tears, you know, the ones that come from deep within the heart because you have been touched. David was able to share information that only me and my dad would know and he did so with compassion. I'm now left with a huge sense of gratitude and comfort knowing that I'm still loved. Thank you David, for giving me a sense of connection and contentment that no-one else has ever been able to do. Thank you a thousand times xx

Carrie Brightwell

Had a wonderful reading with David tonight. His description of character was spot on. 
It was great to be picked and to hear from my aunt. 
David is amazing and I enjoy watching him work. 100% spot on. 
Thank you David look forward too seeing you again soon x

Fiona Bowe Monagle

I have had a few readings from david and cards and can't believe how accurate david is. He does not know me but feel like he has know me for years from what he has said.
many thanks for everything and would recommend david to anyone.

Dean Townshend

I heard about David through my mum and I’m very skeptical when it comes to these things however everything that David had said this evening was spot on! Thank you so much!

Georgia Carni

David is absolutely amazing!!... His presence and personality exceed that of a regular human being... When he spoke to my loved ones I could feel their energy all around me...He made me feel comforted and happy in the knowledge that my loved ones who have passed are safe and well... Thank you David...❤️

Joanne Kelly Snowden-Rae

I’ve been watching David for many months now and love watching his live videos and him connecting with people and spirits. I had a 1st reading with him recently via email and was able to connect with so many things even the most random :)  (which he would not pick up via my fb page nor from comments I share on his lives).. I also felt the cards sent reminders and strength to continue working on myself and gave me much positivity to take into the new year! Thank you David x

Natalie Louisa Tole

David is a fantastic medium, with a great personality, very easy going. My dad has come through, and he mentioned things only my dad would know. He is spot on, and gives good detail of what he's trying to get across.
He always amazes me! ❤️👍😉

Kerry Sargent

Thank you David for the amazing reading this evening! You were spot on, there were so many things you said that only I knew. I would recommend you to all my friends. Thank you once again David for giving me comfort. I am literally gobsmacked! You truly are gifted.God bless you. 💙🙏 xxxx

Michelle Chambers

David is an absolute AMAZINGLY talented psychic medium who not only gives detailed evidential readings about your past, present and future, but also is a warm kind hearted soul who connects people to their lost loved ones.. ❤️ He is the real deal.

Laura Johnson Clark

David read for me a while ago now , everything he said was absolutely true and to the point . Love David’s way of communication ,how he holds the audience , his attitude towards others and the way he relates with spirit . David,s lives on Facebook are so surreal , calm comforting , relaxing and peaceful . He as a tremendous way with words that seems to captivate those within yet displays a beautiful loving soul throughout his demonstrations , whether it be answering questions , readings or cards

Elaine Wattam

Thank you so very, very much for yesterday. Your skill is amazing. You told me things that I had not thought about for over 40 years. Even your Mum did not know some of the info you passed over. I know that it is hard for you to read for family members, but you told me about things that happened before you were born, which your Mum validated. You wont believe the things that have happened since yesterday! Thank you once again and I hope to see you in a couple of years. Love, light and healing to you. Xxxx


David, you are great! It was the best experience in my life! Your reading gave me hope and peace. Thank you so much for chance to hear messages from my Mom... I'll never forget it.

Thank you David for you fantastic reading! You said things that were so accurate that nobody would have known. I appreciate the reading you did for me, gave me a sense of piece and clarity. You truly have a special gift, and are so amazing at what you do. I hope to talk with you again soon and do another reading and see who else comes through. For anyone who isn't a believer, after talking to you, you would truly change their mind and make them a believer....

Take Care! ❤️

Erica Hoover

Have had four mini online readings from David, two from my mum, one when my pet dog came through and recently my spirit guide Joshua came through which was amazing. Totally in awe of David's abilities and his guidance reading was accurate and very reassuring. I'm studying at the moment to develop my abilities and if I'm a tenth as good as David I'd be happy with that. Can highly recommend. David don't forget to include the spirit guide reading in your book xxx

Maggie Atkinson

Had a reading from David on 23rd March. Can’t tell you how much this has lifted my spirit. My Grandson, my Partner and my Dad all came through with so much accuracy,it was unbelievable. I am now sailing through the coronavirus, knowing they are all still with me and watching over me. I feel so loved and blessed. Thank you David. You are just amazing.😘😘😘

Pauline Culver

Actually had a wonderful reading yesterday with David, my sweet brother came through and brought Dad and 2 more brothers in. What made it so much better was, it was his Birthday !! Thank you sooo much for what you do with your special gift. You are Amazing my friend !!!!!

Lisa Abrams

CAN I SAY SPOT ON AND MOST AMAZING: I went to view my dads body as he had recently passed during this time while viewing my dad, I kept noticing something different about his mustache why I dont know but it was a focal point, I also layed my hand across my dads hands and used my spiritual energy #reiki , David only minute after I left the viewing came on live to give readings he picked up on my dad immediately describing his mustache and how my dad felt me even though he wasn't in his body the energy was recieved, David also didnt fail to tell me that my dad said even after passing the love never goes away how reassuring to know the love is always there. David thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift to me and so many others may you be forever blessed luv xx

Tiffany Lee

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