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Coming down to Earth

This is my debut book which I started writing in June 2019. Never did I think I'd ever write a book but I did it after being guided to do it by my nan, in Spirit. 

I wanted to write a book which was very honest, real and down to Earth so that people can relate to it. But also so people can see the reality of a journey of mediumship development because it's not all rainbows. butterflies and unicorns.   

It was written to help new budding mediums on their own Spiritual journeys so they know that what they experience is real. However, the book touches on many different topics which can help any person who is Spiritually inclined and it may just answer those questions that you've always wondered about. 


Book Review

This book is written to aid, assist and question your personal spiritual journey.  It is a down to earth, factual account of one (very funny) man’s personal development into mediumship and developing psychic abilities. Penned in a frank and honest way, including the good and the bad, David breaks to mould of the ‘how to’ books on this subject and instead implores you to explore, question and embrace your own abilities, alongside offering advice on honing those incredibly precious set of skills.

I loved how matter of fact this book is, nothing is enhanced for effect, it is written in a way that you feel you are learning alongside the author, rather than being dictated to on how to think and just reading sets of rules. His own personal experiences and feelings around those are reassuring to any budding medium that the thoughts and hesitations you may feel whilst undertaking any type of spiritual development or training are all natural and that nothing happens without good reason.

Those stories he tells are so animated and portrayed with such fondness that on times I felt chills, I laughed and other times I felt sad, completely unexpected for what is also a really informative factual read. This is much more than a guide or a spiritual development aid. Its clever narration means that David’s memoirs are woven into the advice and guidance offering a good confidence boost to anyone who may feel there is a ‘right or wrong’ way to go about this journey.

It is both thought provoking and highly practical for somebody who may need a little help in navigating the challenges they may face in discovering and growing spiritual ability.

Above all, the humour and sincerity of the writing leave you willing to follow his wise guidance as you feel that his experiences and advice hold complete authenticity and come with real life experiences.

My absolute favourite part is where he speaks of his guide ‘Dolly’. His genuine affection for this spirited character shines from these pages in volumes and I was particularly moved by the words on kindness.

This is an absolute must read for anybody with even a hint of interest in anything spiritual. A guide that you will turn to again and again for either sound advice or a lovely story. I can’t wait to see what David does next with his development and look forward to reading his future books!

Danni - @booksandbridgewater



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