My Story

Join me on my journey


I wish I had one of those stories where I saw spirit as a child as it would be much easier to explain, but in truth I didn't or at least I don't remember. My mum and aunt have told me I used to 'talk' to the wallpaper in my grandparents house as a baby, which they put down to 'baby babble' but maybe it was spirit showing themselves to me. Being the age I was I have no memory of it and it took until 2017 at the age of 35 for my mediumship ability to show itself to me once again and being older, I'm in a place to accept and understand it. 

From a 'psychic' point of view I've had psychic experiences my entire life, I just didn't recognise that's what they were at the time because I thought it was just 'normal'. It was only in 2017 that I seriously decided to look into and study all things psychic which led to the discovery of my mediumship abilities also, which I have trained and developed over the past nearly 4 years. But development never stops, this work is a continuous learning journey.

​Whilst developing at my local spiritualist church, I found out that I also have natural healing abilities and quickly became a spiritual healer for the church as well as doing my own external studies in chakra and aura healing which I hold certification for and is now part of the services I offer. 

​Over the past few years I have really embraced my ability and feel I am serving my purpose by working with Spirit to give messages of love, healing, peace and comfort to those of you who wish to receive these messages via me. In addition to that, I hope to also work with spirit to provide any physical, mental or emotional healing through a healing therapy. 

I feel blessed I have been given an ability to help people in this way and I am so happy to be able to share the love and messages from your loved ones with you.